Pro-Am Choreography

A pro-am partnership is between an instructor (the professional) and a student (the amateur). Pro-am routines are great for amateur students who would like individualized attention or perhaps cannot find an amateur partner, but would still like to perform or compete.

Learning a pro-am choreography is one of the fastest ways to develop as a dancer as the instructor creates a routine made for the student's abilities while challengingto learn and improve.


Individual Lessons & Choreography

- $70 per 45-minute private lesson
- $1000 per choreography, includes twelve 45-minute private lessons
- Floor fee (studio rental) is additional
- $150 per performance

Pro-Am Package

- 25 Private lessons (45-minutes each)
- 3 Performances
- Floor fee (studio rental) is additional
- Additional lessons will be billed at $70 per 45-minute lesson
- Additional performances will be billed at $150 per performance

Floor fee

- Elite Dance Studio: $15/hour
- Rhythms Dance Studio: TBD

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